Serious4Sport Covid-19 Policy

Serious4Sport have followed the advice and guidance from the government, NHS and DFE to be able to deliver safe and fun holiday camps at our new venue in Wantage. We will amend our Covid-19 policy whenever the advice from these bodies change. Please read through this policy to understand the safety measures that have been put in place for staff and children attending Serious4Sport holiday camps.

Before you attend camp

Please make sure you child/children are aware that we need to keep personal space between everyone so therefore close contact is not allowed, however if certain sports are played close contact will happen but Serious4Sport will be managing this throughout camp.

We will be reminding children of their own personal hygiene with regards to hand washing, good toilet hygiene and also implementing the governments ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ to help us stop spreading any germs throughout camp.

Children must attend camp in different and clean clothes each day on camp.

Drop off and collections

When dropping off you child/children on camp please note that you must not arrive any more than 2 minutes before the designated drop off times that you have booked for, we cannot accept anyone entering the camp early unless booked for the early drop off. When arriving please queue 2M apart outside the school, you will see black tape marked out in front of the school to keep everyone safe, please note we are adopting a 1 in 1 out procedure on camp. Once you have dropped your child/children off please exit immediately with no gatherings outside of the school.

We will be signing children in verbally during this camp due to the nature of covid-19 we cannot allow the sharing of pens, so therefore when you arrive and verbally sign your child in a member of the Serious4Sport team will register your child/children for you.

On collection, please arrive no more than 2 minutes before you designated collection time unless prior agreed with Serious4Sport that your child needs to leave early. Once you have collected your child again please exit the area and no gatherings outside of the school. 

Groups & Ratios

Your child will be placed into a group ‘bubble’ with no more than 14 others within this set group, with a member of staff leading that group for the day. Bubbles will be set for the week and will only be maneuvered if completely necessary. Please do not ask Serious4Sport to move your child from one group to another. These bubbles will be kept separate throughout camp and will have separate snack and lunch times and also will be doing different activities at different times in different areas.

Upon Arrival in Camp

Once registration is complete and your child is in camp with us there will be a briefing to ensure that all children understand the rules of camp with everything that Serious4Sport have set out in their Covid-19 planning. The children will be separated apart for this.

Lunch & Break Times

Lunch and break times will be staggered throughout the day to avoid any mixing of the bubbled groups.

Handwashing will take place before and after breaks and lunch.


Serious4Sport will be working with GEMS Wantage to make sure all halls, toilets, classrooms are cleaned thoroughly each day. Each time we finish an activity Serious4Sport will be cleaning all equipment before it can be used again.

Children will be asked to wash their hands numerous times throughout the day and hand sanitiser will always be available and used.

If your child is allergic to any specific hand sensitiser or soap, please let Serious4Sport know and provide your child their own hand sanitiser to use throughout the day

All light switches, door handles and bins will be cleaned throughout the day.

Personal Belongings

Please note that all personal belongings must be left at home unless it is for your childs health (eg, Inhaler, Epi Pen)

The only personal belongings brought to camp should be, a wipeable lunch box, water bottle, spare clothes, shin pads, indoor and outdoor shoes. Anything else please contact


Anyone who is displaying coronavirus symptoms, or has displayed symptoms in the previous 7 days, or lives with someone who has displayed symptoms in the previous 14 days, should not attend camp unless they have tested negative for coronavirus.

Anyone now showing signs of coronavirus can be tested by applying for one here

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • A high temperature above 37.8
  • A new, continuous cough
  • Loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

If at any point throughout the day your child starts to show signs of coronavirus while attending Serious4Sport holiday camp they will immediately be taken into a separate space and isolated with a member of staff in PPE. You will be contacted to collect your child as soon as possible and asked to apply for a coronavirus test as stated above. Once you have received your results you must inform Serious4Sport of the result as we may need to close our camp because of this.

If your child has been in a bubble with someone who has tested positive, we will inform you as soon as possible and we will unfortunately not be able to have your child back on camp unless you provide a negative result of isolate for 14 days.

Cancellations & Refunds

Serious4Sport will be able to offer full refunds to any bookings that have been personally affected by Covid-19 however we will need proof of this in the form of a test result.

You are able to cancel your booking up to 14 days prior with a full refund.

Less than 14 days we will not be able to offer a full refund unless affected by covid-19 however we can move your booking to a different day.

If the government applies a new lockdown then you will have the choice of refund or moving your booking to a different time or camp.

Serious4Sport Staff

All Serious4Sport staff have been trained during this pandemic and will adhere to all government guidelines and best practice shown by the DFE. All policies and procedures will be adhered to by Serious4Sport staff and will be consistently updated according to the governments guidelines. Anytime the guidance changes Serious4Sport staff will be retrained immediately.

Any medical issues that take place, please note that Serious4Sport staff will be wearing correct PPE equipment before administering any first aid.

Serious4Sport look forward to welcoming your child/children on to their sports camp to help improve your child’s skills, if at anytime you have any questions regarding the camp please contact at anytime.

We look forward to having a great time on camp whilst also being safe and sensible.

James Hicks
Lead DSO